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What makes NEXA special? (Glad you asked)🙂

  1. NEXA is the Fastest Growing Mortgage Broker in the country ✅
  2. Currently Licensed in 44 states ✅ (we’ll be in all 50 next year)
  3. We Grew 926% in 2019 (went from 42 to 389 loan officers in 2019 and we just hit 500th LOs as of February 28th 2020💥)
  4. We offer super low interest rates 📉

Stop saying you sell service and not rates, when you and I both KNOW you can sell low rates AND service.

  1. We also pay YOU #220BPS to start with and with production & volume even up to #275BPS! ✅
  2. Our Live face-to-face video support is click away, so stop writing emails, just click and get ALL your answers (processing, loan scenario, marketing, even AE’s and UW support from our top lenders ALL One Click away! You can’t beat that! 💥
  3. Benefits (Medical 🩺, Dental 🦷 , 401K – I gotta tell you all about that 🙂!

So much to talk about it …so let’s chat… 📱📞💻💭

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Come join the fastest growing mortgage broker in the country!

NEXA Mortgage is ranked as a top Mortgage Broker and is growing in multiple states.

  • Your rates will never be beaten (wholesale rate sheets)
  • Every product you can imagine
  • All provided leads through marketing advance programs
  • Highest splits in the business
  • Choose your Underwriter and change mid transaction

SUPPORT (someone is always ready in our live support)

  • Marketing support
  • Systems & Technology support
  • Lender/Scenario support
  • Human Resources support
  • Payroll/Accounting support
  • On-boarding support


  • Fully automated marketing to consumers
  • Fully automated marketing to referral partners
  • Fully automated processing (fastest in the business)
  • Full integration with online portals and Day 1 Certainty
  • Turn-Key solutions, websites and mobile apps ready to go


  • Full suite of turn-key platforms, marketing & support
  • Fully integrated and fully automated CRM systems
  • Custom Videos and Flyers ready Day 1
  • ALL leads provided
  • Entire suite of social media marketing platforms
  • So many things to discuss here… let’s schedule

UNIQUE PRODUCT OFFERS(and so many more)

  • FHA and VA down to a 500 score
  • Construction “One Time Close”
  • NEXAdpa – Multiple DPA programs to choose from
  • DrNEXA – Doctor program
  • Bank Statement Programs (for self-employed)
  • NO DOC Programs (for investors)
  • Hard Money & Fix and Flip Programs
  • Commercial
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • HELOCs
  • All-in-One Loans

(If there is a product, we either have, or we will put it in place. Just ask.)


  • Stop losing deals to rates (your customers are leaving)
  • Stop saying no to clients that can buy
  • Stop saying no to self-employed clients
  • Stop saying no to clients as low as 500 credit scores
  • Stop accepting bad Underwriters and Processors


  • True A-Z processing (processing handle everything)
  • You no longer have to chase down your conditions
  • Processors are COMMISSIONED ONLY
  • Processors use their cell phones
  • Processors are available evenings and weekends
  • Processors communicate with all Realtors and Clients
  • Fully automated processing systems
  • 24/7 online portal that keep you and your partners updated
  • 10 clear-to-close is easy at NEXA


  • Same day Pay Day!
  • Highest paying Loan Officer Splits
  • Branch Manager opportunities with a full P&L
  • No out of pocket costs at all


  • Pre Qualifying clients
  • Gathering docs as needed
  • Submitting a complete file


  • Must be a licensed MLO with NMLS.


  • Major medical (multiple plans to choose from)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Legal Services

Management has a personal relationship with every employee and strive to maintain the best work environment possible.

“NEXA’s support system and work flow process set up Loan Officers for success and give the tools to build a successful business.” — Andrew. Loan Officer I Chandler. AZ.

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